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As of December 2002 the Eddy School is housed in a beautiful new building. This change finally afforded the students and staff the space needed in order to properly teach and learn. The school was designed by Don Lewis of Lewis and Malm Architecture and built by McKee Construction Company. A huge outpouring of donated items and funds accounted for more than $30,000 of the final project.

Edgecomb Eddy School
157 Boothbay Rd.
Edgecomb, Me 04556
(207) 882-5515
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Edgecomb Eddy School

built 1857

Until December of 2002 the Edgecomb Eddy School was housed in the oldest school building in the state of Maine. It was built in 1857 and later remodeled in 1930. At that time the town officially adopted the name "Edgecomb School".

Since 1930, the school had been renovated several times. In 1983 the town voted moneys to renovate the attic space. Consequently, in September 1984, the school consisted of three classrooms and a workroom on the main floor, in addition to two classrooms, a library/office, and a resource room on the second floor. In 1989 a portable classroom was placed on the upper playground area to add much needed space. In 1994 a double classroom building was built to replace the rental unit and again fill a need for more space. The building was built through the volunteer labor of parents, students, teachers and other townspeople!